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The Sarcastic Typo
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Call me Sra. (Or, if you insist on using all proper vowels, Sara.)

I'm silly, I'm opinionated, I like to rant, I like to laugh, and I love to write.

By all means, come in and take a look around, and feel free to friend me, no matter how random you are. Only thing: if we haven't already run into each other in a comm, or a friend's journal, just drop me a comment somewhere so I know who you are! I promise I'm friendly and that I love making new friends. =D

Looking for fic? Check out my writing journal, scripted_sra @ Dreamwidth.


"Do you ever watch Gilligan's Island reruns and really, really think they're going to get off the island this time?" --Dr. Foreman from House M.D. talking to Dr. Cameron

"Divorce is not caused because 50% of marriages end in gayness." --Jon Stewart

"It's like, why is cheese delicious on Italian food but when you melt it over Chinese food, it's disgusting?" --Jason Jones, on Obama using the same rhetoric as Bush.

"No one ever told me about the right way to love,
And no one ever showed me what we’re supposed to be made of.
So don’t be too forthright about what you think that I should be,
And I’ll willingly accept your low opinion of me." --"Opinion" by Greg Graffin

"If you’re dumb, surround yourself with smart people; if you’re smart, surround yourself with smart people who disagree with you!" --Isaac Jaffee, from the show Sports Night.

[Some more Sports Night quotes.]

Natalie: They're meant for each other!
Jeremy: The inside and outside linebacker?
Natalie: I meant Dana and Casey.
Jeremy: I think the inside and outside linebacker have a better chance.

Jeremy: El Perro Fumando?
Dana: The Flaming Dog.
Casey: Smoking Dog.
Dana: Not The Flaming Dog?
Casey: The dog's not gay.
Dana: I wasn't suggesting the dog was gay. I was suggesting the dog was on fire.
Casey: He's not smoking on fire. He's smoking a cigarette.
Elliott: He's smoking a pipe.
Kim: He's smoking a cigar.
Dan: I say he's gay.

Mallory: Listen, I think it's sweet that you and your partner sing to each other on television. Others may think it's vaguely gay, but I disagree.
Dan: Thank you.
Mallory: Nonetheless, you can't do it anymore.
Dan: Why not?
Mallory: It's against the law.
Dan: It's against the law to be vaguely gay?

(Casey's reading an invitation.)
"October the 8th, 1998 AD. AD. They're worried I might show up 2000 years before the birth of Christ!"

Dan: Our anniversary.
Casey: Our anniversary?
Dan: Our anniversary. Today is our anniversary.
Casey: Jeez, Dan, that night in Minneapolis with the Jagermeister, we didn't do anything untoward, did we?
Dan: You mean did we get married?
Casey: Yeah.
Dan: No.
Casey: Good.
Dan: We recited the St. Crispin's day Speech in the lobby of the St. Paul Radisson.
Casey: Was it untoward?
Dan: No, it was just embarrassing.

Casey: Look, can we be men for a second?
Dan: All right, but just a second.


"Don't you know? US east coast geography 101: Boston = New England = Maine = Connecticut = New Hampshire = Vermont = Massachusetts. Names are interchangable, as are locations. After all, it's just one big place begging to be annexed by Canada." --shoe_box13

(During a Y!M conversation.)

"Of course, this is speaking as someone who has to get to school by 6:30 every day for a jazz class which, according to every law in the universe ever, should start after I wake up. Jazz is in nobody's soul at 6:30 in the morning. 6:30 in the morning is where jazz goes to die." --teapot_yo

"I am a pretty solid Christian, but there are no tears on my pillow when my commandments aren't outside my courts! Why? BECAUSE I PRAY IN MY CHURCH, NOT MY COURT. THAT'S WHY." --teapot_yo

(On Mpreg, discussing the zygote being implanted in the abdominal wall in a male.)
teapot_yo: Wellllll it wouldn't get very far, though
teapot_yo: Like, implantation would go well, but then the abdominal wall would be all, "FUCK MAN I DON'T KNOW HOW THIS PLACENTA SHIT SHOULD GO DOWN," and the zygote would be all "THEN WHERE WILL I GET MY NUUUUUUUTRIENTS" and the abdominal wall would be all, *shrug*, and then the zygote would be like "OKAY SERIOUSLY I HAVE TO BE AN EMBRYO IN LIKE TEN DAYS FOLKS" and it would be like that asthma commercial.
teapot_yo: Where the fish flops around. You know.

Me: Okay, I think I should really go try this thing called "sleep," now.
Me: I hear you see crazy shit when you're doing sleep. It must be strong.
subluxate: Yeah, you know, I've tried it. It's pretty awesome.
subluxate: Sometimes, though, the things you see kinda suck.
Me: Is it? And I've heard things like that.
Me: On the streets. You know.
subluxate: Oh, I dig.
subluxate: But yeah, it's strong stuff. Gotta be careful, cuz you can get hooked easy.
Me: Right, right. I'd better watch out for that. I'll only be on it for about three hours, anyway. I hear it's a slow working thing.
subluxate: Yeah, once you get past about six hours, you're hooked.
Me: That's pretty dangerous, man! How's this stuff legal?
subluxate: I hear The Man wants to use it to control people or some shit, but man, it's so worth it.
Me:: I'll have to see for myself. I'll let ya know how it goes.
Me: Catch ya later, K.
subluxate: Later, Sra.

Did you know...?

Walter Hunt invented the safety pin.

The scientific name for your foot falling asleep is taresthesia.

The symbol on the "pound" key (#) is called an octothorpe.

The dot over the letter 'i' is called a tittle.
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